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You Qualify For An INSANE Discount!

Today only, you can try out Cellulite Reverser at a HUGE discount.
Click the button to claim your discount.

Researcher Discovers The Truth About Cellulite – There’s A 100% Guaranteed Cure And You’ve Been LIED To!

Dear Cellulite Sufferer,

What if I told you that even though 90% of today’s women have cellulite, this was not the case 50 years ago?

What if I told you everyone who says cellulite is “natural” has been LYING to you?

In fact, what if I told you that you can be…

Cellulite FREE Just 19 Days From Now…GUARANTEED

My name’s Bonnie Blair and a simple little “mirror check” I had about 15 years ago set me off on a strange and unexpected journey that revealed the TRUTH about cellulite.

This exhausting journey led me to a solution that barely anybody in the world knows about – and it will completely irradiate any trace of cellulite on your body.

In just a moment I’m going to reveal this secret to you today…

You’re going to learn why cellulite happens and how it is NOT a normal thing.

In fact, up until just about 50 years ago, there were barely any women in the world who experienced cellulite.

It didn’t matter if they were plump (like I am)…

Skinny and fit…

Or any body type in between.

It’s an indisputable fact that barely any women had cellulite.

So why is there a staggering 90% of women who have those dimpled, cottage cheese thighs no matter their weight, age, or activity level if this wasn’t the case just a few decades ago?

Sit tight, because I’m going to explain why right now.

First, I need to give you a little background on how I found out the truth behind cellulite

What Causes Cellulite…

And why so many women suffer from it today (even though they don’t have to)…

As I mentioned before, my name is Bonnie Blair…

And ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been interested in some pretty “weird” stuff.

Instead of playing with Barbie dolls or dressing up, I was out collecting bugs and reading science books.

Later in life I found that I was obsessed with complex scientific subjects and eventually chose to study Science, Technology, and International Affairs.

I’m kind of an introvert to be honest.

I have no problem spending long hours at my desk, wading through technical jargon that would make most people’s head spin!

And it was precisely this love of “figuring things out” that led me on a…

15 Year Journey To ABOLISH Cellulite Once And For All

It all started after my studies brought me to London…

I had won a Fulbright award that allowed me to study the art of analysis in the United Kingdom where I earned my Master’s degree.

After a year of swimming in a sea of theoretical essays and spending most of my time covered up because of the cold, often overcast environment of London, I finally had a break.

And my long-distance boyfriend from the states was making a trip across the Atlantic for a much-anticipated visit.

Of course… I wanted to look my best for him.

So after nearly a year of spending most of my days with barely any makeup on, tussled hair, and wearing only jogging pants hidden under over-sized jackets, I started to take stock of myself.

I remember standing in front of the mirror naked after taking a shower, just shy of 30-years-old, and noticing how dimpled the skin all over my legs and butt looked.

I have to admit my heart sank.

I knew my boyfriend, who hadn’t seen me in over six months, would want to see the pretty girl he fell in love with.

And of course, I knew one of the first things he’d want to do is take me to bed for a little “hanky-panky” (as my mom used to say).

But seeing this chunky, lumpy, cottage cheese-like skin crushed my confidence.

I Felt Insecure…

What would he think when it comes time for us to undress and he was presented with these lumps of fat all over me?

Would he be disgusted?

Would he notice but just keep it to himself?

I wanted to feel sexy and confident…instead I just felt worried, insecure, and overwhelmed with “what ifs”.

“Maybe I’ll just keep the lights low”, I thought…”Everybody looks better in the dark.”

When my boyfriend finally arrived I met him at the airport and I felt charged with electricity…

I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and, overcome with emotion, I cried on his shoulder and told him how glad I was to see him.

I remember thinking how he seemed to have gotten better looking while he was away and this made me feel even more insecure.

He played a lot of lacrosse back home and it seemed like he had just gotten more fit and muscular and handsome…while I had gotten more pale and stressed and chunky.

And of course, as I expected, later that evening things started to heat up…

We were in my tiny apartment and he grabbed me with those firm hands of his, drew me in close with those broad, muscular shoulders, and said…

“God, I Missed Holding Your Body…”

Yet, instead of giving into my feelings of desire for him, all I could think about in the back of my head was, “What is he going to think when my jeans come off?”

I know it’s silly… I really do… and looking back I have no idea why I was over-thinking it so much.

After all, this man loved me…


Why was I so afraid that just a few bumps on my bum and thighs would change that?

As he started to take off my clothes, I pushed him away and said…

“Wait a minute… I just have to do something really quick…”

He watched confused as I ran to the light-switch and flicked it off, thrusting us into the dark, with the only light in the room coming from the faint glow of the orange streetlights outside leaking in through the thin curtains on my windows.

“But, I want to see your beautiful body”, he said..

I tried to steer him away from the topic by touching him and kissing him.

That’s when he threw me on the bed like a hungry animal and, as he was kissing me, reached over to the lamp next to my bed and turned it on.

I stopped him again, “No” I said, “Let’s leave the lights off I like it this way.”

I could tell he was getting frustrated…

“Baby, I haven’t seen you in so long, I want to make love to you and see you in the light…”

Before I knew it, what was supposed to be a long awaited night of passion turned into a petty argument about whether or not we should have the lights on…

Worst of all is he thought the reason I wanted the lights off was because I didn’t want to see HIM naked…

And I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the reason was because…

I Was Too Self-Conscious About My Body To Let Him See Me As I Am…

We went to bed that night, our backs turned to each other, and I cried silently into my pillow.

I told myself that I’d stop worrying about it…

The next day we were set to take short two hour flight down to the coast.

The weather was warm now because was the beginning of Summer.

We were set to spend a wonderful weekend on the beach, drinking pina coladas and soaking up the sun.

We apologized to each other on the way to the airport.

He held my hand and told me not to worry about it…that maybe the reason he got angry was because he was jet lagged.

But I knew the reason was because I had started the whole thing…

After we checked into our hotel room, my boyfriend said, “Let’s hit the beach!”

And suddenly, like a tsunami, all of the insecurities came rushing back…

What would he think when he saw my dimpled, cottage cheese butt and thighs, oiled up with sunscreen, out there in full view in the middle of the afternoon?

So, I reached into his suitcase, took out a pair of his basketball shorts and said, “Can I wear these?”

Again, he looked at me with that confused, disappointed face and said…

“Why don’t you wear that cute yellow bikini? You have such a beautiful body, I want to see you in it…I want all the guys at the beach to be jealous of my gorgeous girlfriend.”

Yet I insisted I wear the basketball shorts.

That’s when he said, “Why are you being so distant from me? Is there something I should know?”...

“Are You CHEATING On Me?!”

My jaw dropped…

“No of course not!”

I rushed across the room to kiss him, but he turned cold.

“Something isn’t right here… you didn’t want to have sex with me last night and now you’re covering yourself up like you don’t even want me to see you…I know something’s going on tell me what it is!”

I started crying and said, “Please you don’t understand!”

Yet he took this as confirmation that I must be cheating.

After that I was helpless…

There was nothing I could do to convince him otherwise…

The reason I was rejecting his advances, acting strange and distant, and covering up was because I must have cheated on him

He Broke Up With Me That Day And I Never Saw Him Again…

You see, my insecurity with my body had created such immense self-doubt in my head, that I couldn’t let it go no matter how much I logically knew it wasn’t a “big deal.”

And this is what I hear from women every day.

We are told not to worry about it

We’re told it doesn’t matter

We’re told it’s natural and beautiful and we should accept it…

We’re even told that it’s society’s fault for making us feel this way…

But no matter what, if we don’t truly feel confident in our own skin, how can we just erase that from our minds?

That day was a big turning point for me.

It forced me to take cellulite more seriously.

I started to wonder…

What Actually IS Cellulite? Is It Really “Fat?”

I mean… I wasn’t overweight…I thought I had a pretty healthy diet…I was still young…why was this happening to me?

Instead of just accepting that these unsightly blobs of fat were going to be my fate for the rest of my life….or that at the very least I’d have to pay thousands of dollars a year for treatments to only “reduce”, but not eliminate the problem…

I decided to make it my goal to find out the truth.

Maybe, if I found out the cause, I could find out a real solution.

Maybe women like me didn’t have to battle the constant mental “what-ifs” and lack of confidence that comes with cellulite…

Being an analyst, my first course of action was to break down and analyze the reasons cellulite actually happen.

I became a kind of “criminal investigator” with cellulite being the “criminal” and I started using a number of techniques to gather evidence for the case.

And one of the first things I did was interview and analyze written accounts from doctors, fitness experts, and people in the beauty business.

And over time, the same tired explanation kept popping up, almost like clockwork.

“Cellulite is normal and natural and over 90% of women experience it no matter what their body type is, what their diet is, what their age is, or how much they exercise, so just don’t worry about it, it’s natural and beautiful and healthy…”

But I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

If cellulite is normal and natural no matter what…then that would mean it would have been normal for 90% of women throughout history just as it’s so-called “normal” now for 90% of women to have it in our modern world.

So if that’s the case…

Why Is There Very Little Evidence Of Cellulite Existing With Any Kind Of Regularity Before 50 Years Ago?

Why is there no mention of it in ancient medical texts, literature, or artwork?

For example, I came across an American photographer by the name of Arthur Albert who took over 4,000 pictures of women of varying body types throughout the 1920s…and none of them had cellulite.

Pictures like these…

This woman isn’t super skinny or young and yet, if 90% of women have cellulite no matter what, why doesn’t she have any on her thighs?

Is she part of that special 10% that doesn’t have it?

What about these ladies?

There’s seven women here of different body types, standing in the sun in beachwear.

If 90% of women have cellulite and if it’s natural…shouldn’t at least one of them have those “cottage cheese” thighs so common with women today?

Here’s a few more examples…

Middle aged woman, out in the sun, no cellulite.

Two average young ladies with decent sized butts…and yet today we’re told that cellulite always comes with a larger butt… but there is nothing here.

Here we have a younger woman with full hips and thighs…still no cellulite.

And here, where most women would sit down, the fat under their skin would bulge out slightly and increase the visibility of their so called “natural” cellulite, but none can be seen here.

And if we are to believe that cellulite is natural for 90% of women and that diet, exercise, and age don’t matter and that the female body will produce cellulite no matter what…

Then that would mean, in today’s modern world, we should see indigenous tribes displaying the same cellulite.

Yet here is the Shipibo women of Peru, who exhibit no cellulite, even after having multiple children and even living into their 60s and 70s…

You may think that, because these women lead a more active lifestyle, that maybe that’s the reason they don’t have cellulite…

But wait a minute, don’t the experts say that even women with active lifestyles will still have cellulite?

What’s Going On Here?

The other message that I kept being told by these professionals is that the reason men don’t get cellulite no matter how fat they become, and women do no matter how skinny they are, is because of estrogen.

Women have a lot of it and men don’t.

They say that when collagen is lost, fat cells escape and move toward the skin’s surface…sort of like when you start to boil water, and the bubbles rise to the top.

And, estrogen aggravates this process.

Think of it as the heat under the pot of water that causes the bubbles to rise to the top.

They say that this process is natural – that estrogen is what gives women their curvy and beautiful bodies along with the ability to bear children.

Cellulite is just a side-effect of this.

No matter what, those little balls of fat will rise to the top and get stuck in unsightly, lumpy groups under the skin.

And, the reason older women are likely to experience more cellulite, is simply because their collagen breaks down over time and their hormones get out of whack, especially during menopause.

So why don’t the Shipibo women of Peru (pictured below) display any signs of cellulite?

Don’t they ALSO have decreasing estrogen levels known to damage the integrity of their skin?

Don’t they ALSO have the same decreasing collagen levels that come with menopause?

Perhaps you’re thinking now, the same thing I was thinking then…

Something isn’t quite adding up.

If cellulite is natural in all women…why has it only popped up in the last 50 years as an issue?

And if 90% of all women have it no matter their health, weight, body type, or exercise level…why don’t the Shipibo women for example have it now?

Are they not part of that 90%?


The ENTIRE Theory That “Most Women” Have Cellulite “No Matter What” And That It’s “Natural” Is 100% Completely FALSE!

If that were the case, it would have been common in 90% of women all throughout history just as it is now.

And what really turns this theory on its head is the research I did in Asia.

If cellulite is a female-only condition that’s natural for 90% of women, then why do less than 2% of women throughout Asia experience it?

Years after my research on cellulite began, I found myself at another government analyst job dealing with International Relations theory, stationed in various Asian countries…

And during this time I was able to see first-hand the sheer LACK of cellulite on the women in Asia.

This included China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia and more.

No matter how rich or how poor the country…

No matter how big or how small the women…

No matter what their age or activity level…


Just like Western women up until 50 years ago, it’s virtually non-existent in Asia.

Whether they were plump and voluptuous…

Or skinny and athletic…

The cellulite wasn’t there…

That’s when my research went into overdrive and I found out that everything these so-called “professionals” have been telling us about cellulite is complete bunk…

And the reason why they’re lying to you may surprise you…

First let me explain what’s really happening…

You see, cellulite is not just plain old fat like everyone has been saying.

In fact, doctors have even published journal articles saying that cellulite doesn’t even exist, that it’s just fat.

Yet, we can see the difference with our eyes.

Cellulite is dimpled underneath the skin…and normal fat isn’t.

If cellulite were just fat, then it would dissolve during an extreme fast as world-renowned lymphatic specialist Dr. Bruno Chikly pointed out.

Yet studies show that women see an increase in cellulite when they LOSE weight, which would explain why women see cellulite even after years of crossfit, yoga, and healthy living.

This also explains why liposuction doesn’t treat cellulite.

If cellulite is fat, then it would be sucked out of your body with liposuction…and yet there it remains.

So what is it?

The material that connects subcutaneous fat cells to the skin within your body is made up of fibrous bands called septa.

Cellulite forms when septa breaks down and is no longer able to smoothly connect the subcutaneous fat to the skin.

Don’t worry if that’s confusing… it’ll make sense in just a second.

You see, the traditional view is that cellulite is caused by a genetic factor that determines the number of septa bands found in the skin.

In other words, cellulite is hereditary.

Others say cellulite is a result of the aging process and when septa loses its natural elasticity, cellulite is formed.

But this doesn’t make sense…if it’s genetic why does the degree of cellulite fluctuate throughout a woman’s lifetime?

Why can it increase or decrease when a woman gains or loses weight?

And if it’s inherited from previous generations…why was it virtually non-existent just 60 years ago and throughout all human history?

There had to be another reason.

You see, one of the things my analysis training taught me was how to challenge incomplete data and avoid the common ways our brains “trick” us into coming up with “false conclusions” from incomplete data.

And what I found is…

The Real Reason Cellulite Develops Is Because Of A “Dirty” Lymphatic System

This is your “secondary circulatory system”.

Think of this system as sewage drainage pipes for the body – it connects every organ in the human body and its main purpose is to get rid of the junk in our cells…including our fat cells.

When the circulation in this system is impaired, cellular waste builds up in and around the fat cells.

If these cells are located where subcutaneous fat is, the restricted flow of lymphatic fluid breaks down the “septa” we talked about earlier.

So, instead of holding the fat cells smoothly against the skin…they bubble up into marshmellowy pockets.

This means…

Cellulite Is NOT Genetic

It is not part of the aging process…

It is not plain old ordinary fat because it doesn’t go away with dieting or exercise…

And it is NOT normal…

It all has to do with your lymphatic system not processing the “garbage” in your cells correctly.

And that can be fixed…and it can be fixed in just the next three weeks…

You see, what I discovered is that the term “cellulite” comes from the word “cell”.

The word cellulite is short for cellulitis, which means an inflammation of the cells.

And this inflammation is caused by “garbage” getting backed up in the “sewer system” of your body – which is the lymphatic system.

And the reason women in the United States and other Western countries have only just recently begun experiencing cellulite in the last 50 years, is simply due to certain toxins and ingredients that has been introduced into our food supply.

And as you may have guessed, these ingredients and toxins have only been in our food supply since around the 1960s…right around the time women started experiencing cellulite on a massive level.

The Solution? Cyclical Lymphatic Drainage (CDL)

You see, Cyclical lymphatic drainage used to occur naturally for 98% of women and it still does occur naturally for the majority of women throughout Asia and in other countries that don’t put these certain toxins into their food supply.

But, for women in the west eating the standard Western diet, the CLD process is disrupted and all that junk in your lymphatic system begins to build-up and collect together.

Then it bubbles to the surface of your skin in unsightly balls of dead cells and fat we call “cellulite.”

When your lymphatic system is not going through it’s typical cyclical lymphatic drainage, the septa becomes stiff.

The tissue will start to weaken and decrease lymph drainage, which causes the fluids that should carry waste away to get trapped.

This causes the septa to become more fibrous and tighten even more on the fat cells.

The decreased circulation also weakens the capillaries and veins, causing the surrounding tissue to harden.

Blood then reroutes around the cellulite area and the septa fibers continue to thicken as more fat is deposited…and they build up because the lymphatic system simply can’t remove them.

The good news is, that getting your body’s natural cyclical lymphatic drainage process back on track is simple.

And no, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods and start eating boring salads every day.

All you have to do is supplement your normal every day diet with a few simple tricks and techniques that will put your body’s natural CLD process back in working order.

Think of it as just taking a stuck wrench out of the gears and putting a little oil on the machine…after that everything will begin running smoothly.

As the world-famous Dr. Bruno Chikly of the Chikly Institute in Australia and author of many books about the importance of lymph drainage, explained recently…

“Cellulite is fat trapped within fibers – [and it’s caused by] inflammation [of the lymphatic system]”.

Now, before I tell you how you can cure your lymphatic system and completely purge cellulite from your body forever, let me just address one question you may have…

It’s the same question that came up during a recent meeting with a client…

She asked…

“But if what you’re saying is true, then why is this the first time I’m hearing about it?”

“Why Wouldn’t Doctors And Health Professionals All Over The World Simply Give Us This Information If It’s So Easy And Simple?”

This is a great question and the answer is simple…


Think about it – if 90% of the women in Western countries have cellulite and most of these women feel self-conscious, not sexy, and lack confidence because of it…

…then if you’re the laser clinic that promises to reduce cellulite with an $800 appointment every two months, then you have customers for life.

Or maybe you’re the inventor of Cellulaze, which is a treatment that inserts a small tube under your skin that has a laser that heats up and melts lumpy fat pockets for $5,000 a session.

Of course, as the creator says, “I’ve yet to see a case where it completely eliminates the cellulite.”…so you’ll have to keep getting the treatment.

Perhaps you invented Zwave, which uses high energy shocks and takes 10 sessions just to see results and costs $400 per session.

Maybe you’re the inventor of any one of the countless cellulite creams, coffee scrubs, dry brushing products, mesotherapy clinics, special massage businesses, and more…

All of them banking off bogus cellulite treatments that, at best, reduce cellulite only briefly at an extraordinary cost.

Because just like most of the “solutions” in the health and wellness industries, they are more interested in treating symptoms, not the actual cause of those symptoms.

If they treat the cause…then they heal their clients…which means they can’t keep charging them money for treatments.

If 90% of the women in the Western world who are afflicted with cellulite suddenly found out that it’s not normal and that it is easily curable….

A multi-multi-billion dollar industry of cellulite reduction products and services would disappear almost overnight.

And they CAN’T let that happen.

In fact, they WON’T let it happen.

I bet you that, shortly after this video goes live, I begin to receive cease and desist letters from lawyers all over the United States.

Because, you see this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to get this information out there…

As a successful analyst who has worked all over the world and for the government, you’d think my research would be respected enough to be published…but you’re wrong…

Every medical journal has rejected this without explanation, even though I have proof to back it up.

I’ve even written well known public figures like Dr. Oz to try and speak on their shows and tell the world about this, and I was rejected without reason.

At first I thought this was just because they didn’t know who I am, despite having showed them my credentials and 15 years of research.

Maybe they just get a lot of requests, which is something I totally understand, but then I got a letter that PROVED it wasn’t that…

One magazine – that I won’t name here – wrote me back a rejection letter.

It was a popular women’s health magazine, and in the letter the editor plainly said…

“If We Run Your Article That Teaches Women How To Eliminate Their Cellulite Without The Use Of Creams, Massages, Or Cosmetic Procedures, 70% Of Our Advertisers Will Leave Us And We Simply Won’t Be Able To Stay In Business…”

Basically, most of the people advertising in their magazines were cellulite reduction businesses and other bogus beauty products.

I found out the medical journals were also paid by these same types of companies to only sponsor studies that show that their products works.

And if you watch Dr. Oz you’ll see that the “natural” cures he recommends are from the same big cellulite reduction companies and their bogus creams, ointments, and serums.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and distill 15 years of research into an easy to follow push-button system that is GUARANTEED to completely abolish cellulite once and for all in just 19 days.

I’ve called it…

The Cellulite Reverser System

In this groundbreaking system, I explain exactly what you need to do RIGHT NOW in order to heal your lymphatic system and restore your body’s natural cyclical lymphatic drainage system to full working force, just like it was for women all throughout history.

And you can do it without killing yourself at the gym (because that doesn’t work) and without any extreme dieting (because that’s not the cause of the problem either).

In easy, simple to follow instructions, I lay out exactly what you need to do.

For example…

The three vitamins you MUST be taking on a daily basis.

Not only are you likely not getting these vitamins naturally, there are only a couple of brands you can trust.

And, even then, you should be taking way more of these vitamins each day than is directed.

Only 46% of the population consumes adequate levels of the first vitamin, only 51% have sufficient levels of the second vitamin, and only 43% of Americans ingest adequate levels of the third vitamin…

Which is a mineral so vital, it governs over 300 bodily functions, including the synthesis of collagen in your skin.

I explain the TOXIC meats we’ve been eating and how it’s gumming up your lymphatic system and throwing your hormonal balance completely out of whack, causing cellulite to spread throughout your skin like a virus, and even causing you to age years and years faster than you should be.

And, listen, you don’t have to stop eating meat.. in fact you can eat as much chicken, beef, pork, and fish as you like…

The problem is that you’re eating the WRONG brands and barely anybody knows this!

Next, I’ll explain why the vegetables you think are helping cure your body, are actually doing nothing for you at all.

You see, agricultural practices in the United States, with the increase in pesticides and the continued depletion of nutrients in the soil from poor land practices, means that you’d have to eat five times more of any single vegetable in order to get the same amount of nutrients that just ONE of these vegetables would have given you over 50 years ago before the so-called “Green Revolution”.

Remember how I told you about women in Asia and Peru?

Well, they only need to eat three or four small servings of vegetables a day to stave off cellulite, but in America we’ve been jipped!

I’ll give you a no-fail guide to easily and quickly find the BEST, most delicious veggies that pack the biggest anti-cellulite punch and you don’t have to spend a lot of money!

I also show you a super, simple, short stretching routine that only takes ten minutes and that you can do just about anywhere, that FORCES those globs of fat to stay hidden far below the surface of the skin!

Believe it or not, women in China do these exercise on their way to work.

In Japan, its mandatory for many employees to do these exercises in the morning as a group before they officially start the work day.

All throughout Asia, women get up and spend just 10 minutes doing this super simple routine – for them it’s as natural as breathing and yet barely anybody does it in the United States.

This is not painful or difficult and anybody of any age, weight, or flexibility level can do it…

• I reveal a miracle pepper that you can find in just about every single grocery store, that can tighten your skin, improve the color of your skin, and keep cellulite far away from your butt and thighs…and it’s absolutely delicious!

• There’s also invaluable information in this book about two special foods most Americans never even incorporate into their diet, that is filled with a vital nutrient called phytoestrogens that balance the estrogen in your body and FORCE your hormone levels to equalize…this is something those tribal women in Peru eat daily, and it’s also consumed all throughout Asia

• I even show you a super simple, barely-known “Self Lymph Drainage Massage” that will force your lymphatic system to start its natural cyclical drainage process and ensure fat cells are carried away effectively and naturally by your body so that they don’t turn into cottage cheese like lumps.

• Finally, I reveal a little-known super food that is the size of your thumbnail, and that has been an ancient Korean secret, kept hidden from most of the world…this superfood is so powerful, potent, and filled with anti-oxidants, it’s been known to CURE debilitating skin diseases, so you can imagine what it can do for your cellulite. Not only that, all you have to do is pop one into your mouth every morning and you’re done…this is one of my favorites.

You’ll learn all this in The Cellulite Reverser System and if you apply the knowledge…

You WILL Be Cellulite Free In Just The Next 19 Days Guaranteed

This system – once I applied it to myself – absolutely got rid of my cellulite.

In fact, I’ve had no trace of cellulite anywhere on my body for the last four years.

But I knew that my success wasn’t enough.

In order to PROVE beyond a doubt that my Cellulite Reverser System will work for literally any woman, no matter her age, activity level, or personal habits… I’d have to collect more data.

So, for the last two years I’ve been traveling the world and sharing this system with women afflicted with cellulite, and during that time I’ve helped a staggering 156 women completely eliminate their cellulite.

In fact… I’m happy to say…

This System Has a 98.6% Success Rate

Here are just a few of the testimonials I received…

“I’m 5’ 4” and only around 120 pounds. I’ve had a large amount of cellulite on the back of my thighs that I was really self-conscious about. I tried all sorts of cellulite gels and serums and nothing worked.

I tried to find out a cure for my cellulite, but everything I found just told me it was my weight or my genetics, which made me feel helpless...but then I found your wonderful book.

Suddenly everything finally made sense! I feel like I’ve been lied to for years and I was outraged that I’d spent so much money and time on scams.

I followed the easy rules and directions in your book…and just like you promised, I had NO TRACE of cellulite on my body at all in just 19 days.

Now I’m spreading your book around like gospel!”

- Valerie P., Claremont, California

“I’m 22-years-old, 110 pounds, physically active, hate sweets and fatty food…and I’ve been battling cellulite since puberty.

I have more cellulite than friends who weigh more than me.

I’ve tried every kind of topical treatment, gimmicky diet, and strenuous exercise…nothing has changed it in the slightest.

I was starting to believe the lies that cellulite was just something that you couldn’t change. In fact, I was about to drop over $3,000 on a laser treatment that promised to reduce my cellulite – not get rid of it mind you – but just REDUCE it for three months, after which I’d have to come back for more expensive treatments.

That’s how desperate I’d gotten.

Then I read your book and I am so glad I did.

I did everything you said and… like magic, my cellulite was gone.. .and I’ve been battling it since I was 14 years old!

I truly cannot thank you enough…”

- Rachel M., Denver, Colorado

“I worked hard over the last two years to drop 70 pounds of weight. Believe it or not, before my journey I didn’t really struggle with cellulite, except for a few spots on my upper thighs.

Now that I’ve started incorporating more weight training into my workout routine I’ve noticed more and more cellulite along my thighs and bum.

I’m only in my early 30s and I haven’t had children yet and I’d just dropped 70 pounds… I thought this was supposed to SOLVE my problems, not give me more.

And it was so frustrating because I had just gotten more comfortable with my body and wanted to show it off, but this new cellulite made me feel so self-conscious… I know I should just say “screw it” and wear shorts and bikinis anyway, but if I’m not feeling good, then how can I feel confident wearing it?

I found your book by chance when I was doing some Google searches… and I was really sceptical at the start.

But, I figured it can’t hurt to try the techniques you offered…and I am SO glad I did.

In less than a month my cellulite was gone. The first thing I did was accept an invitation from this guy I’ve been crushing on to go to the beach with him.

And it was SUCH a good feeling to put on that bikini I’ve worked so hard to be able to fit into, and go out in the sun and not worry about any lumpy skin on my thighs.

Thank you so, so very much.”

- Mary S., Houston Texas

“I’ve been athletic most of my life. I’m a size 4. And all that time I’ve had cellulite on my thighs. You really made me a believer! I saw results almost immediately and I especially liked that the program goes into detail about how to erase cellulite in any area you want, not just in your lower body.

I can’t say this course was life-saving, but I can say it was CONFIDENCE saving. Thanks again!”

- Alaina Scott. Buffalo, NY.

This system has proven itself and I know that, if you’re one of the 90% of women out there who have cellulite, this easy to follow system will completely eliminate unsightly cellulite for you as well, and it will do it in only 19 days.

In fact, I guarantee it.

And right now I’m doing what the talk shows, magazines, medical journals, and publishing companies wouldn’t let me do because they didn’t want to risk dealing with the powerful fake cellulite removal industry…

I’m bypassing all the normal publishing channels and bringing this powerful, proven system straight to you for instant download.

You can access it in just the next 60 seconds and immediately begin reaping its benefits on any one of your devices including laptop, smartphone, tablet, and PC…

Now, it’s important to note that

I’m Risking A Lot By Offering This To You Today…

My lawyer has already advised me of the inevitable.

Once the legal teams of these big cellulite removal product companies catch wind of this, which they will very soon, they will try to get this information completely removed from the Internet.

You see, their strategy is simple, but brutal.

First, they’ll start by sending me “cease and desist” letters and attempt to drag me into court based on a whole bunch of false legal accusations.

Their goal is to make me pay so much money in legal fees that they simply make me go broke so that I cave into their demands and take this offline…

They don’t want this information out there because the more women who know how to naturally fix their body’s CLD (cyclical lymphatic drainage) process so that their cellulite disappears forever, the more their multi-billion dollar industry threatens to collapse.

In other words, it’s us against them…

But I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t know what the future holds and I don’t know how long I can hold out against this multi-billion dollar industry, so you NEED to act now and snag this system for yourself before it’s too late.

And because this system is just now being released, I’ve decided to go against my legal team’s wishes…

You see, they recommended that I charge a minimum of $297 for this system because I would need to use over 75% of the profit to fight the inevitable legal battles that will result from releasing this disruptive information to the world.

But, because this is the first time I’m releasing this information and because I want to get it into as many women’s hands as possible, I’ve decided I’m not going to charge anywhere near that.

So, I discussed it with my legal team and asked them what the minimum amount that I could possibly charge was for the initial promotion of the The Cellulite Reverser System…

And after crunching the numbers, they told me I couldn’t go lower than $117…

And, for most women who have spent money on creams, serums, so-called “cellulite massage therapies”, cosmetic clinic visits, and more, this price would be nothing compared to the money they threw away on those ineffective treatments.

Especially seeing as how this system is actually proven to get rid of cellulite forever – once and for all.

But I still wasn’t satisfied with this price.

In order to accomplish my goal of ensuring that as many women possible get their hands on this system and that thousands upon thousands of lives are changed in the process, I decided drop the price so low, my legal team was shocked…

Right now, for a very, very limited time, you’re only going to pay $37.00 for The Cellulite Reverser System.

That’s it.

But you have to understand, I cannot keep the price this low for very long.

In fact, it may only be a matter of days before I have to start fighting with everything I have in order to keep this system available… and that’s going to cause the price to rise up into the hundreds of dollars.

So you must act now.

But before you do, I want to offer you a guarantee that none of the big, bogus cellulite removal product companies out there would ever dare to do…simply because they can’t back it up…

And that’s my…

60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in my promise that this will eliminate cellulite from your body FOREVER that I will give you your $37.00 back at any time in the next 60 days.

Remember, I’m guaranteeing that this system will work for you in just 19 days.

And yet you have a full 60 days to try it… if at any point you feel like this isn’t working for you or it’s just not worth the money you paid all you have to do is ask and I will pay you back right away.

This process is easy and pain-free

When you click the button below to purchase The Cellulite Reverser System for the ultra-low limited time price of $37.00, you will receive the contact information for our support team along with the system itself.

All you have to do is email the support team and tell them you want a refund, and they will process your refund within 2 to 5 business days and they will not even require you to provide a reason.

Not only that, you will get to KEEP The Cellulite Reverser System.

In fact, you could buy this system, find that it completely obliterates all the cellulite on your body in just the next 19 days, and still decide you want your money back and you will get it.

Why Am I Doing This?

The reason is simple.

I believe that people are honest.

And I know that if you need your money back it MUST be for a very good reason. And, to be honest, that reason is none of my business.

But remember, you have to act NOW by clicking the button below.


Only $37 - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

There is no way I can keep the price at $37.00 for long, it will simply be impossible for me to do.

But, I’m not quite finished yet.

I want to provide you with as much useful information as I can.

That’s why I decided to compile ALL my notes from my last 15 years of research into health, beauty, and cellulite reduction and give it all to you today…at no extra cost.

So, when you click the button below to get The Cellulite Reverser System for the minimum possible payment of $37.00 that’s 100% refundable for any reason over the next 60 days, I’m also giving you…

FREE BONUS #1 – Forever Young

This reveals a variety of powerful, anti-aging secrets that go hand-in-hand with cellulite removal.

This is going to take years off your skin and give you that youthful, vibrant glow.

It’s completely common for women to turn the clock back 10, 20, or even 30 years using the information in this system.

Because, if you’ll notice, women throughout the world – especially Asia – who don’t have cellulite problems also look much younger even into their 40s, 50s, and 60s and it all has to do with the techniques laid out in this book .

I’m also giving you…

FREE BONUS #2 – Metabolism Turbo Charge

• Jump start your metabolism so that your body immediately becomes a kind of “fat burning” machine, even shrinking your waist line while you sleep. This is another secret I learned in Asia… if you would see how women in places like Thailand, Cambodia, and China eat you would be amazed how they’re able to stay so thin even without exercise…because almost all of their foods are heavy in carbs and fried meats. It’s all because of this simple little “fat burning” trick.

• You’ll find out how to improve your lean body mass, replace flabby skin with toned muscle, and do it all without killing yourself at the gym (in fact if you’ve got 15 minutes to spare per day, then you should look like a fitness model…period)

• Find out how to trigger your brain to release a powerful cocktail of anti-aging, youth-enhancing hormones that make you look and feel ten to twenty years younger (the old philosopher said, “I think therefor I am” and he wasn’t wrong).

• You’re also going to learn how to skyrocket your energy, drive, and focus to a level you haven’t felt in years.

FREE BONUS #3 – 7-Day Detox Blueprint

If you feel tired or sluggish in the morning or throughout certain times of the day – there’s something wrong.

If you have mood swings or struggle to stay focused.. this is not normal (despite what those bogus “professionals” tell you).

It has a lot to do with the toxins that are trapped in your body.

I’ll help you reboot and recharge when you follow these simple steps and I think your body is really going to thank you for it.

FREEBONUS #4 –21 Miracle Foods That Burn Fat And Cellulite

This is one of the first things I wrote when I started down this road of research and I still think it’s a vital read.

You’ll be amazed at how certain simple and delicious everyday foods can be used to switch your internal fat and cellulite burning furnace into overdrive.

FREE BONUS #5 – “Wake Up WINNING” Video

This is a short, but powerful bonus video that shows you the best way to start your day, the moment you get up in the morning, so that your body is automatically kicking into cellulite and fat burning mode.

This routine alone can cause as much as a 300% reduction in cellulite.

So just to recap, you’re getting…

The Cellulite Reverser System that is guaranteed to abolish your cellulite 100% naturally in just the next 19 days.

• My 100% 60-Day no-questions asked money-back guarantee

Forever Young – the powerful anti-aging secrets barely anybody outside of Asia knows about

Metabolism Turbo-Charger – this is going to put your body into fat-burning mode, obliterating pure fat from your body even as you sleep

The 7-Day Detox Blueprint – get your body cleaned, cleansed, and energized with this easy to follow full-body cleanse that will clean the gunk out of your system and leave you feeling wonderful and bright…

• My report “21 Miracle Foods That Burn Fat & Cellulite”

• And Wake Up Winning, a short bonus video that will show you a little known technique for starting the day that can wipe over 300% of your cellulite off your body in a matter of days..

All of this, right now, for only $37.00 when you click the button below.


Only $37 - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, You Have To Hurry!

I have immense pressure on me from my legal team and, to be honest, I’m LOSING money giving this system away at this price.

If you don’t want to pay $100….$200….$300 or more (which I will have to raise the price to over time) then this may be your one and only opportunity to get The Cellulite Reverser System with all the bonuses I listed and with the 100% 60-day risk-free no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for only $37.00

I’m being completely honest with you when I say that I have no idea how long the price will stay at this drastically reduced level.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the information in this proven system, which will completely eliminate your cellulite if you simply follow it step-by-step in the next 19 days, then you must act now without a moment of hesitation.

Remember, if you want your money back for any reason within the next 60-days I will give it to you no questions asked.

Simply contact the support information that is sent to you with this downloadable system and your card will be refunded no questions asked.

So click the button below, fill out your name and credit card details on the secure order form, and in just a couple of minutes The Cellulite Reverser System and all the bonus materials I mentioned earlier will be delivered straight to your inbox, allowing you to read it on your laptop, tablet, phone, or just print it out and read it.


Only $37 - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The doctors, the professionals, the fitness industry – all of them have been lying to you.

Your cellulite is not natural.

It is not “forever”.

It is not because of your age or weight or exercise routine.

Never spend another dime on creams or serums or crazy treatments of any other kind.

That time is over.

Click the button below while you still can, and get the only system that’s proven to work after 15 years of in-depth research.

Get it before it’s gone forever.


Only $37 - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Still here? You may still have some questions about Cellulite Reverser, so let me answer some of the most common questions we receive.

Julie from Sarasota, Florida asked:

“I’ve tried just about everything to get rid of my cellulite, including diets, pills, creams and special exercises. How is your program going to be any different?”

Well, the first thing you should know is, Cellulite Reverser isn’t about just getting rid of the surface problem. There are creams, for example, that might “cover up” cellulite or temporarily reduce it, but you’re only treating the surface—not eliminating the root cause.

Cellulite Reverser attacks the root cause of cellulite to eliminate it for good. On top of that, your entire body will look and feel healthier, more energized, and more youthful.

You’ll glow on the surface…and meanwhile, on the inside, your metabolism will be working 24/7 to burn fat and keep it off—even while you sleep.

This is just one of the reasons why women around the world are raving about Cellulite Reverser.

In many cases, they’ve written to tell us they’re absolutely amazed not just by the results they see in the mirror—but how vibrant, youthful and alive they feel on the inside.

Angela from Manchester, England sent in this question:

“I’m in my late 60s and due to my arthritis (and other health issues) I can’t get out and exercise in the park as I once did. Can Cellulite Reverser still work for me?”

The answer is yes. You can apply the Cellulite Reverser method in just minutes per day, from the comfort of your own home, and there’s nothing difficult or strenuous about it.

Your age and current fitness level don’t matter. If you lead a busy, hectic lifestyle, that’s alright, because this program is designed to be easy and totally convenient.

You won’t have to make any major lifestyle changes, either, because Cellulite Reverser doesn’t require a strict diet. You can continue to enjoy the foods you love, except now you’ll be adding anti-cellulite snacks…

And meanwhile, your body will be working efficiently to burn off flab, infuse you with extra energy, and keep you cellulite-free.

Pam from Chicago asked us:

“What if I try out Cellulite Reverser and it doesn’t work for me?”

While I’m absolutely confident in the results you’ll get if you simply go through the program and follow the steps, you are covered by a No Questions Asked, 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that you have a full two months to check out Cellulite Reverser and see what you think. If for any reason you don’t feel it’s right for you, simply email us and request a refund. We’ll return your money to you. Every penny.

Remember, when you try out Cellulite Reverser today, you’ll get the complete program PLUS these valuable bonuses:

“Forever Young,” which reveals anti-aging secrets that literally turn back the clock…

“Metabolism Turbo-Charger,” which melts the fat from the hips, waistline, thighs and other problem areas while you sleep…

“The 7-Day Detox Blueprint,” so that just one week from now your body will be rebooted, recharged and surging with energy and vitality…

“21 Miracle Foods That Burn Fat and Cellulite,” the handy special report that reveals how simple and delicious everyday foods can be used to switch your internal fat and cellulite-burning furnace into overdrive…

“Wake Up Winning,” so that from now you start every day feeling energized, excited and clear-headed, with your metabolism in high gear…

And free lifetime updates, so that you’ll always have instant access to the latest version of the program.

I hope I’ve answered all of your questions.

Remember, you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this risk-free trial.

You have 60 full days to decide whether Cellulite Reverser is right for you, although I’m very confident that you’re about to be our next success story.

Click the “Add To Cart Button” below, and I’ll see you on the inside.


Only $37 - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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